2.Futures use agreement

You should always carefully consider whether CoinMark futures transactions are compatible with your risk tolerance, investment objectives, investment experience, financial situation, financial needs, personal circumstances and others.
1. The risk of futures trading is very high, As a futures trader, you acknowledge and agree that you should bear the risk of accessing and using futures trading services yourself;
2. You should fully understand the risks associated with futures trading, and be fully responsible for any trading and non-trading activities on your CoinMark account, and must not engage in trading or investment above your financial ability;
3. You are solely responsible for the true status of any position, even if CoinMark incorrectly displays it at any time;
4. You understand and agree to carry out normal trading activities, and users shall not engage in malicious market behaviors and unfair trading behaviors that adversely affect market health in any form. For example, participate in price manipulation, or use service loopholes or other unreasonable means to harm other users. According to its judgment, CoinMark reserves the right to take measures against such accounts with violations, including but not limited to account termination, restriction, suspension and cancellation of transactions, etc. CoinMark may take measures at its discretion to mitigate your potential losses on your behalf, including but not limited to transferring your futures account to your exchange account and/or from your exchange account to your futures account without prior notice inform you;
6. During the CoinMark system maintenance period, you agree to be fully responsible for managing your futures account under risk, including but not limited to closing positions and repaying your loan;
7. You agree that you will conduct all transactions and futures transactions on your own, and take full responsibility for your operations. CoinMark shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your use of any service or because you do not understand the risks associated with the use of assets or the risks associated with your use of our services;
8. The user agrees that all investment operations performed in CoinMark represent their true investment intentions and unconditionally accept the potential risks and benefits brought about by investment decisions.
9. CoinMark reserves the right to suspend and terminate the CoinMark futures trading service. When necessary, the CoinMark platform can suspend and terminate the CoinMark futures trading service at any time.
10. Due to network delays, computer system failures and other possible irresistible factors, the execution of CoinMark futures trading services may be delayed, suspended, suspended or deviated. CoinMark will do its best to ensure but does not promise the stable and stable operation of the CoinMark futures trading service execution system. Effective, but due to the above factors, the final execution result of the CoinMark futures transaction service is different from the customer's expectation, and CoinMark does not assume any responsibility.
11. CoinMark futures trading reserves the right to delist in advance, that is, to suspend all business and trading of a certain online asset on the exchange. I have read and agree to the CoinMark futures Trading Service Agreement, and I agree to use the CoinMark futures Trading Service.
I am aware of this risk and confirm my purchase.