Economic person application

CoinMark has first-class market depth and liquidity, which will help you gain more users and transaction volume. Become a CoinMark broker and get high commissions to promote the rapid development of your business.

CoinMark broker advantage

Generous trading commission

CoinMark provides brokers with high rebates for the entire product line. There is no strict limit on the rebate ratio, and it will be customized according to the number of users of your product.

Shared liquidity across product lines

Becoming a CoinMark broker can give your products the best liquidity, and will share the depth and liquidity of the spot market and the derivatives market with CoinMark.

24/7 professional customer service support

The CoinMark team will provide brokers with 24/7 professional customer service support.

How to become a CoinMark broker?

Please send relevant information in the following format:
Receiving email: [email protected]
Email subject: Broker application
content of email:
1. Team name and size;
2. Contact information such as telephone, email, and social media.
If your application meets the criteria, we will reply within 3-5 working days. After the application is approved, you will be assisted by a 7*24 exclusive brokerage assistant team. After becoming a CoinMark broker, users will trade on CoinMark through your products, and you will get high commissions.